Intermediate Microeconomics Documents


  Fall 1999 Semester

1.    Syllabus
2.    Midterm #1
3.    Midterm #2
4.    Midterm #3
5.    Midterm #4
6.    Practice Problems
7.    More Practice Problems (covering production, costs, etc.)

Would you like to examine an answer key to the problem sets shown above? I have a set of solutions submitted by Nicolay Gantchev in April, 2000. I don't guarantee that his solutions are utterly correct. In fact, I know there are some mistakes. Any student who provides a fix for one or more of the errors in the problem set solutions (including editing the solution set enclosed here) gets a prize package including: (1) your name in the credits on my web page, (2) a sincere thank you from me, (3) a Snickers bar from the AUBG canteen. Here are Nickolay's solutions:
Part I (problems 1-14)

Part II (problems 16-29)

Part III (problems 30-39)

8. An alternate final exam.


Fall 2000 Semester

Second optional homework is right here.

Looking for the optional homework? It's right here.

End of semester special!

Practice problems related to monopoly behavior.


Fall 2010 Semester

1. Syllabus

2. In-class hand-out

3. Solution to in-class exercise

3. Homework Assignment

4. Answer Key to Homework

5. Midterm 1 with answers

6. Homework Assignment 2

7. Homework 2 Answers

8. Optional Exam (with answers)

9. Notes to the answer key (with corrections and explanations)

10. Bonus Homework Assignment

11. Bonus Homework Answer Key

12. Final Exam with answers